Posted by: Vicky | May 8, 2010

I will survive

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I attempt to run 10km without dying, collapsing or even just taking a break and walking.

Two months ago, I couldn’t run for two minutes without getting so out of breath people thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn’t really see how I could possibly get fit enough in time, but in the worst case I could walk instead of run…

I’ve been training ever since and now I believe it might be possible for me to run (well it’s more of a walking-pace jog to be honest) the whole distance. Last week I ran to work on Friday morning. 5.5 miles! Ok, I hated it and almost cried at one point, but I’mm sure that was just because I had a horrendous cold (it’s mostly gone now) and horribly sore stomach muscles from the killer workout the coach put us through in volleyball on Wednesday…

But just as I was beginning to feel overly confident, I got a new challenge. My mum has sponsored me £50 and promised to double it if…

…within five minutes of finishing the 10k I sing Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ and send her the video…

So I’ve downloaded it onto my iPod and been practicing like mad on SingStar (I’m getting really good at it, but I’ll probably get the words and lines muddled up tomorrow. Ah well, my mum didn’t say I had to sing it right!)

I’ve decided to run with my camera, so if I reach the finish line and can’t find anyone I know, I can either just film myself or grab a random runner to film me :-)

Watch this space for a video of me gasping for air with a bright red face that matches my tshirt and attempting to sing I will survive with hundreds of people milling around me… Eek! Have to keep telling myself, it’s £50 for charity!



  1. So . . . did you complete the race? And did you get the clip of you singing???

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  3. Hey!

    Good job on the run!

    I came across your profile on 20sb, although it doesn’t seem you’re active on there anymore?

    I’m in your boat, sort of. I moved to Switzerland after living in Japan and England for most of my life. Where in Switzerland did you live?

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