Posted by: Vicky | May 24, 2010

Good long birthday weekend :-)

So far I’m having a GREAT birthday!

On Saturday I had a really fun party with a load of friends from work, volleyball and church. The weather was stupendous, so we spent the whole evening in the garden. There was even a bonfire!

Looking back, I’m really glad I had the party two days before my actual birthday (you can’t have a serious party on a Monday night) because it was a lot of work getting ready for it on the day (which probably would have made me grumpy on my birthday) and an incredible amount of tidying and cleaning yesterday (which would definitely have made me grumpy if it had been my birthday). This way, I had a wonderful birthday party, but didn’t have to do any work for it on my birthday :-)

I was planning to go to work today (the actual day of my birthday, so you don’t have to do the maths), but I had to do some emergency clothes shopping so I combined it with my birthday.

Next weekend I’m off to Edinburgh for the UK girl bloggers meetup. I’m really looking forward to it, but also quite nervous about what the others will make of me. But judging from other blogs I’ve read, that’s pretty much how everyone feels before their first blogger meetup, so that’s alright.

On Thursday we got an email from smidge (she’s organising the whole thing, she’s such a star!!!) about the itinerary. On Friday night we’re going on a tour of her favourite bars. And this was the emergency: it’s a glammed up tour, and I really haven’t got much in the way of glam in my wardrobe at the moment.
Queue an afternoon of extreme panic and worry.

So I went off into town today expecting an arduous search at the end of which I would have to settle for some random desperation buys and horrible shoes.

In the first shop, I found a nice pair of jeans, a lovely pair of black trousers and a beautiful (if quite see-through) pink top. Yays. And I decided that I needed a beautiful pair of pink shoes to go with the top. Also yays, my first pair of pink shoes (I’m getting adventurous *g*).

In the second shop, I fell in love with a superb pair of pink shoes. And they were on offer for £24! And there was a matching pink clutch on offer for £15 too! I just hope we don’t do too much walking on Friday night cause it might be a lickle bit painful :-D

Bestest best pink shoes and pink clutch

The successful shopping trip continued, so after just two and a half hours of shopping I’ve got a new mix and match wardrobe of

  • 1 pair of jeans with sparkly bits
  • 1 pair of nice black trousers
  • 1 pair of knee length (I think, or possibly slightly longer) nice black trouser things (fashion is not my forte…)
  • 1 pair of incredibly amazing pink shoes
  • 1 matching pink clutch
  • 4 girly tops with different levels of glamness (and pinkness)
  • 1 glittery pink flower necklace with matching earrings
    • Oh yes, I also bought some makeup. Eek. Will be practising putting it on tonight. If I end up looking too much like a raccoon I will probably be begging for help in Edinburgh ;-)

      I am now officially ready for Edinburgh (except for packing of course, but that works best last minute anyway). YAYS!

      Oh yes, did I mention I’ve got Friday off too? Three day work week this week! Whoo-eeee!!!



  1. Ooh those shoes are amazing! All I can say is ‘make over’! We are all lovely hon, if I do say myself! We certainly don’t bite :)

  2. Oh and I’ve just worked out that it’s your birthday… So Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    We can hold each other up in our shoes as I’ll more than likely be wearing the ones I fell over in last weekend! And at least you have Friday off – I’m still waiting to see if I can escape from work early, haha!

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