Posted by: Vicky | May 25, 2010

Not sure that’s a compliment

I’m not hugely tall, but I’m not exactly short either. When I was practising walking in my beloved new shoes yesterday, my 11 year old male cousin’s verdict was short and to the point:

You look like Madame Maxine!*


But the shoes are worth it :-)

Bestest best pink shoes and pink clutch

(Sorry, can’t resist posting them over and over again)

Since we’re on the subject of my wonderful new shoes, I need some advice: what nail polish (on my toes of course) would look best with them?

Thank you :-)

*If you don’t know Harry Potter, Madame Maxine is at least half giantess.



  1. Oooh that’s a difficult one. You don’t want to go red or they’ll clash. Hmm. Pale pink? Gold? Silver? Or you could just do a french pedicure, they always look pretty.

  2. I think a french pedicure is too complicated for me ;-)
    Hmm, pale pink or silver?

  3. Beautiful shoes. At 6’1 without shoes I’d be a certified giant in them! I’d actually go for a french pedicure because the colour in them is so strong already.

  4. What colours are you wearing with the shoes? That probably would be the decider.

    I’m also a fan of just getting fake press on toenails and leaving them bare a la the French Pedicure idea. So much easier, particularly when you have rubbish toenails like me.

    I actually may have to go buy some of those for myself thinking about it…

  5. There will definitely be more pink in my outfit, either black trousers or jeans, and the top will prob be all pink, or white with pink, purple and green.

    Do the press on toenails actually work? And look real? And not fall off?? Where do you get them?

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