Posted by: Vicky | May 27, 2010

Final touches for Edinburgh

  • Step one: borrow a suitcase from the neighbours cause mine broke when I came back from Switzerland after Easter, and my aunt and uncle are going on holiday and need all of theirs.
  • Step two: start packing, making sure my beautiful new shoes are somewhere easy to get out for tomorrow evening :)
  • Step three: dye my hair cause the orangey red I dyed it a month or so ago clashes quite badly with all my new pink clothes that constitute my Edinburgh wardrobe.
  • Step four: have another try at putting makeup on. Think it looked better last time. Am definitely going to have to beg the others to help me with it this weekend…
  • Step five a: stick on fake toenails for the first time in my life. Almost stuck my hand to my little toe. Oops.
  • Step five b: start watching the complete friends dvd set I got at the end of my epic shopping trip for £25 because the outside box was a tiny bit damaged. Woot!
  • Step six (to be completed when I get too tired to continue watching friends): get beautiful shoes back out of suitcase and prance around in them admiring the combined effect of superb shoes and fake french manicure toenails :)
  • Just one part of my plans that’s got confused: I meant to shave my legs for the trip, in case I wear shorts at any point and anyone has eagle eyes that could make out the pale, fine hair that I don’t usually bother to shave (so girl bloggers, feel honoured! *g*). But now I’ve glued bits of plastic to my toenails and am worried about them falling off for whatever reason, but particularly if they get wet.

    Are my new fake toenails likely to fall off if they get wet?




  1. Woooooo!!!!!! See you soon! Excited!!!!

  2. Yaaaayy! Me too!! :D

  3. I’ve just re-read this and had a little shudder about the fake toenails.

    But the shoes were fabulous.

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