Posted by: Vicky | September 13, 2010

Let’s catch up

There’s so much to catch up on, this is going to have to be a post with sub-headers :-)

Reason I’ve been MIA on here for more than 3 months:
I moved out of my aunt’s in June. For the first time in my life I am not living with family members! It’s great to finally be independent, but living with a stranger sometimes seems even harder than living with family! Who knew?!
It’s taken me a while to get t’internet set up at home and so I haven’t been blogging. (I know myself, and if I start blogging from work, I’ll have to pretty much live at work to actually get my work hours in…)

My favourite part of the two week summer holiday in Scotland:
The first week was slightly stressful at times, what with the whole family on holiday in the same house. There were 25 of us! For the second week most of the family left (although there were still 11 of us) and various friends joined us. Among those friends was someone who loves Singstar as much as I do. If we lived together, we’d play it every night like we did that week :-)

Verdict on new volleyball coach (had first training session tonight):
His ‘gentle introductory training session’ almost killed me! If I survive the season I am going to be soooooooooooooo fit :-)

Why I’m dreading tomorrow night:
I’m joining Slimming World.
There, I’ve told pretty much everyone now (my whole volleyball team, plus the club president and various other members of the committee, my aunt, various people at church, various people at work, my housemate (who has promised to throw me out of the house on time tomorrow night) and now my blog), so now I absolutely have to go. I’m absolutely terrified. Why can’t you sign up online, why do you just have to go along without having to commit yourself to doing so beforehand?! I need to have committed myself!!!

I was inspired to do it by Helen from Clear Your Heart and Slimming Girl’s World who (whom? Who knows…) I met in Edinburgh. She’s done really well, and I’m jealous :-)

How the running’s been going since the 10k in May:
Um, can we not talk about that?
I’ve been running once a month since the 10k. Not good. But I feel that if I had to, I could run a 5k tomorrow (ok, after that training session maybe we should make that the day after tomorrow!) and would be fine. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I could run all the way. So WOOT anyway :-)

I had originally planned to run either the Bristol or the Cardiff half marathon (in fact, at one point I felt that since I was going to be training for one, I might as well run the other a month later too!) but I kept putting off signing up for it, and then I ran the 10k and it was HORRIBLE!!! Ok, it could have been worse, and I’m totally chuffed at having done it, it’s one of my top achievements ever. But I hated the bit where I actually had to run it. So of course after that I was way to chicken to sign up for a half marathon…

So my plan is as follows:

  • Join Slimming World to lose weight, which will make jumping in volleyball easier.
  • Get back into running regularly (more often than once a month), which will make it easier to keep up in volleyball training
  • Run the 10k again next May. Maybe even do it faster this time because I’ll be slimmer (see Slimming World) and fitter (see killer volleyball training sessions). Not that I’m not completely over the moon with my time this year, I’m extremely proud of it, but even faster would be even better :-)
  • Run a half marathon in September or October. Or both, that would make training for it more worthwhile… Just this time remember to sign up for at least one of them BEFORE the 10k!

This time next year I’m going to be FIT*!

Or maybe I’ll be reading this post and laughing at myself.

But I’m feeling optimistic. This plan is totally going to work!

As long as I manage to make myself go to Slimming World tomorrow night.
And don’t break something playing volleyball and scupper the whole fitness thing.
Or run over cause I’m running round Bristol not paying attention.

* I mean be fit, as in I’ll no longer almost die when I to block three or four times in a row without being able to stop for breath during a volleyball match. Not fit as in looks. Although losing a couple of stone certainly won’t hurt :-)



  1. It’s been three months??? For reals???

    Glad to hear you’re okay though, and good luck with your health/fitness goals!

  2. You can do it :)

    You should come back and do your half marathon back in Switzerland ;)

    I followed the beginner half marathon training plan on (or something like that) and it was just right, I highly recommend it!

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