Posted by: Vicky | November 13, 2010

My day in reverse order bullet points

  • It’s ten past eleven and I’m suddenly feeling wide awake and bouncy. Too much exercising recently I think. But at least it’s finally got me blogging again…
  • Watched the Take That getting back together documentary just now (because it was on after X-Factor). I liked it because it was true to life. Very uncomfortable in parts. And hilariously funny in others (I like their music, but am not particularly fussed about Take That otherwise).
    The documentary’s done it’s job well: I want that album! Like their new songs :-)
  • X-Factor was LIGHTYEARS better than last week! Actually worth watching this time.
    My two hates of the evening:
    • Paije’s performance of ‘Crocodile Rock’ was great! And it’s a great song! How dare you Louis?! And Cheryl?! You didn’t even know it? Oooh, shame on you!
    • LOUIS! HOW DARE YOU LET WAGNER MASSACRE ‘I’M STILL STANDING’ LIKE THAT?! I almost cried. No, I am not exaggerating. It was excruciatingly painful.

    I like Elton John’s music. Does it show?

  • Had baked beans and Joe’s sausages for dinner. Mmmm, syn free and delicious dinner. Am half a pound away from having lost 10% of my starting weight 8 and a half weeks ago. Yays, that means another sticker for me on Tuesday. I’m completely addicted to the stickers you get awarded for doing well at Slimming World. Never mind the health benefits and better looks, I’m doing it for the stickers :-D
  • I’ve ordered a pair of boots I fell in love with when I went shopping with my Swiss friends. Couldn’t find them in my size in any of the shops and it’s taken me two weeks to recognise them in the Next catalogue (it says they’re black, but they’re definitely grey. Luckily the reviews confirm that they’re actually grey). Looking forward to picking them up on Tuesday. Yay, my lovely boots!
  • Successful couple of hours at work today. But it’s always horrible to have to go in on the weekend.
  • Went to my first ever pilates class this morning. Weird. But, I think, in a good way. Not completely sure of that though. Will be back next week to have another go.
  • I always think I haven’t got a shy bladder until I’m sat on the loo with only one other person in another stall, waiting for them to leave. If the loos are full of people I’m fine, but if there’s only one extra person I’ve got the shyest bladder ever. I guess it thinks it can claim it was someone else if lots of people are going at the same time… Stupid bladder!
  • My shoulders are aching from my first ever body pump class last night. That was HARD WORK! Even though I had the smallest weights available on my bar. I did wonder whether I could take the weights off completely and just lift the bar on its own, but I thought that might look like I was taking the piss. Ah well, practice makes perfect, right…


  1. I totally agree with the shy bladder thing – when there’s one other person in the bathroom, I suddenly lose the ability to pee, no matter how desperate I am. If there’s more than one other person, I’m usually okay. It’s odd.

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