Posted by: Vicky | November 30, 2010

Why I shouldn’t drink cold carbonated drinks just before bed

In celebration of my so far superbly successful weight loss journey, I awarded myself a Sprite Zero to drink in bed while I updated my many online accounts (Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and Slimming World’s own lifelineonline) with my latest achievement.

I knew before I started that it probably wasn’t the best choice for a pre-bedtime drink. I was shivering already, and then I got the can out of the fridge…

But I’m not too frozen, the laptop has warmed my knees up nicely. And once I stop typing I’ll be able to press my frozen fingers against them to thaw out…

What’s really annoying me is the fact that I haven’t stopped hiccoughing for half an hour now. Stupid bubbles! How am I supposed to get to sleep like this?!



  1. Well, you can always console yourself that at least it has no caffeine in it! :)

  2. True, it could have been Sprite 3G! :D

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