Posted by: Vicky | January 15, 2011

Getting stuck into my 2011 list

We worked it out, 20 (or in my case 21) items on a year’s todo list means an average of almost two items to be completed per month. So I decided to get cracking as soon as possible.

Some things are ongoing projects, such as the running (um, I’ll go to the gym next week, promise!), losing weight (going well surprisingly enough. I LOVE slimming world), the blogging (I’ve got one day left this week, I’m ahead *g*) and so on.

Others depend on the time of year (Alton Towers doesn’t open properly till March) or me losing a few more stone (swimming and sewing myself an item of clothing).

On Wednesday I went to Hobbycraft to buy a zipper foot for my sewing maching (item #6). I spent a lovely 20 minutes browsing the shop and managed to spend £50 without ever finding a sewing machine foot. FAIL.

However, I did get a hole puncher so I can make my belts last for longer before I have to buy new ones because I’ve slimmed right out of them again. I’ve been looking for one of those for a while now :-)

I also got a portapuzzle, which I’ve lusted after since I first saw an advert on some puzzle website. I adore jigsaw puzzles, they’re so relaxing. Sadly, it turns out that doing a big jigsaw on the portapuzzle while rewatching Battlestar Galactica in bed is not a good idea. My neck has been killing me since Friday. Another FAIL. Ah well, still worth it :)

I’ve now ordered a zipper foot online and have temporarily shelved item #6.

Instead, I decided to have a go at item #19. I’ve changed the title of my blog to ‘Confused in Bristol’ to match the URL. And I’ve gone back to the theme I had on the old blog. I like both the theme and the title better than what I had, but I’m not completely happy with either of them. So I’m not going to cross item #19 off the list just yet.

But darn it, that means there’s nothing I can cross off the list! Humbug!

I guess if they were things that took no time, effort or thought I wouldn’t have needed to put them on the list, I’d already have done them…

This is should be an interesting year…


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