Posted by: Vicky | January 16, 2011

Online dating

I blame my house mate. Most emphatically. It’s all her fault.

Sheesh! I had a plan. This year was to be the year for counselling (see todo list item #3) and then next year, if nothing else had developed of it’s own accord, would be the year in which I had a proper go at internet dating.

But I got chatting with my house mate this evening. About blogging, internet dating and goodness knows what else. She tried internet dating quite a while ago and then stopped. Recently she started again, and she was telling me about the guys she’s in contact with.

There was the scary guy who seemed great in his first email. A bit intense perhaps but very nice. He really seemed to like her. But then it was a bit much when in the second email he told her she was an angel sent to him from God after no more than reading her profile and the single email she’d sent him…

Or the guy who schedules phone dates. I actually quite like the sound of this guy. But the thought of my house mate dating a guy who schedules his phone calls? She’s not good with schedules. At all.

I did laugh when she told me about their first phone date (the second one is tomorrow). He told her she might be quite freaked out by some of the things he’s eaten. Which freaked her out. It turned out to be tripe. Which, while I wouldn’t want to eat it myself if I could avoid it, wouldn’t make me think badly of anybody if I knew they’d tried it. But apparently telling her she’d freak out about it caused her to be slightly freaked out about it. Bit of an own goal on his part…

Anyway, as the confused and easily led muppet that I am, after leaving my house mate to her hot chocolate of course I’ve found myself signing up for the nearest Christian dating site.

I hate filling in profile information for myself. What can I write? Utterly confused and easily spooked? Eventually I managed to complete the profile more or less, although I couldn’t come up with any people, places or bible verses that have inspired me. Too much pressure.

And now I’m sitting here in terror over the whole thing. What if someone CONTACTS ME?!!! Scary thought! But what if NO-ONE contacts me?! Wouldn’t that be even worse?!

This was almost certainly a bad idea all round. Bah humbug!



  1. Good luck! Funnily enough, a bunch of my friends were chatting about internet dating last night. I couldn’t do it myself (I get nervous enough about regular dates, let alone ones set up on the internet) but one of the girls met her current boyfriend through online dating. And one of my other friends, who is separated and on the Plenty of Fish site, was told her ex-husband (who is ALSO on the site) would be a good match for her. Which is both ironic and hilarious…

  2. A friend of mine used the site and found it very good they said it matches profiles and there was 100s of match’s in his area were he lived. The only problem was he was never in because he was always out meeting these new dates. It put a smile on his face though.

  3. It is quite …erm…interesting to venture into the world of online dating. I’m semi “in there”. I’ve got a profile and I’ve been on the site a few times. But I’ve not popped in to actually talk to people. And I’ve NEVER contacted anybody. Are girls supposed to contact boys on there? WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?!

    • I have no idea what you’re supposed to do. It’s up to you whether you feel you want to contact people as a girl. I think nowadays it’s completely fine. If I weren’t lazy and cowardly (and not doing online dating any more for the time being), I’d be contacting people :-)

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