Posted by: Vicky | January 25, 2011

My work post-Christmas do outfit

When I got home from the Christmas do at 3 in the morning, I decided I needed a photo of my outfit. After all, my aunt hasn’t seen me wearing the wonderful top she bought me for Christmas. It was a total charity shop present WIN! I didn’t have anything that went with my skirt and had sadly decided to wear trousers. So when we exchanged charity shop presents less than a week before the party, I was stunned to find it not only fit, but actually went with my skirt AND the shoes!

Apologies for the blurriness of the picture. The camera ran out of battery before I could get a better shot. Also, the mirror desperately needs dusting ;-)

I don’t look like I’ve had a huge amount of vodka, do I?

Em, of course I didn’t wear my cuddly pink boots to the party. I wore sparkly silver 4 inch stilettos. Much more suitable. But the moment I came through the front door (before I closed the door) I exchanged them for the cuddly, warm and most importantly FLAT pink boots :-)


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