Posted by: Vicky | January 27, 2011

In which technology has got the better of me

The program I work on has been beating me since last Friday. I seem to have broken it on Thursday without realising (it’s a very well hidden bug) and have been trying to find out what’s going wrong ever since.

Today the computer was particularly mean to me: it convinced me that the big breakthrough was imminent. And then it laughed in my face. “You’re never going to find it, ner-ner!” is what it said to me. In exactly those words.

So as my revenge I bought all the biscuits and chocolate I could find in Sainsbury’s and am going to eat my way through it in (hopefully) the next few days (rather than the next few hours…) That’ll teach it! UP YOURS COMPUTER!

On top of that, our microwave has been broken for about a week now. So I decided to try and reheat my extremely delicious leftover slimming worldy cottage pie like concoction from last night in the oven. I assume that’s what people used to do in the olden days.

I turned the oven on to max heat for the preheating stage.

But I got bored of that, so down went the gas and in went the cottage pie.

After a minute or two I started getting impatient. When I cut into the cottage pie to test it, it was as cold as when it came out of the fridge (big surprise there). So I turned the heat back up to full blast.

Another minute or so later I’d had enough. Screw this waiting around for it to heat up and risking the whole thing getting burnt if I got distracted. (Perhaps I should have looked on google for instructions on what heat and how long to bake it for to reheat it. I’m sure there must be something on the subject somewhere…)

So I’ve just eaten a still delicious but mostly cold portion of cottage pie (the corners were a tiny bit warm).

Today is not my day for technology. Good thing pay day is tomorrow, I’d probably have ended up buying the least user friendly phone on the planet if I’d done that today…

Anyway, enough of that. I’m off to eat my way through my biscuits and choc. Fox party rings and cadbury dream fingers, here I come!!!

PS: Not to worry, I won’t eat it all today. And I’ll be back on the diet tomorrow. I’m willing to wait another week for my 3 stone sticker. I just NEED some crap food now.


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