Posted by: Vicky | January 29, 2011

Rage against the machine

Rage against the sewing machine, to be precise.

I had another go at item #6 on my 2011 todo list: buying a zip foot for my sewing machine and finally making some cushion covers.

I’d ordered a clip on zip foot online when I couldn’t get one at Hobbycraft. Today was to be the day I tried it out. But as it turns out, my cheap and cheerful sewing machine (it looks and feels like a toy) has a huge plastic club foot in place of the elegant metal sewing machine feet I’m used to from school and any other sewing machines I’ve ever seen. There’s no way a zip foot is going to be able to clip onto that baby!

I tried to find any kind of accessories for my sewing machine (Signature multi function sewing machine S458) via google, but there doesn’t seem to be anything going. I guess that’s what happens when you buy cheap…

On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be an option of moving the position of the needle unless you want to sew zigzag. So the youtube tutorials I found on how to sew in a zip without a zip foot weren’t much help either.

But this time, instead of giving up, I decided to go for it anyway.

Four hours later, after much cursing of evil cheap sewing machines* and a lot of stabbing myself with pins**, I proudly present:

My first cushion cover!!!

So it’s a little bit bigger than it should be. So what?!! It’s a lot better than if it were a little smaller than neccessary…

* NEVER EVER buy a cheap sewing machine! Just save up for the real thing!

** Note to self: don’t hold pins in your mouth again. Next time you get distracted and they somehow end up right inside your mouth, you might not remember just in time to stop yourself from swallowing…



  1. its great! im jealous, i cant sew and wouldnt have a clue how to turn a sewing machine on

  2. Thanks! In Switzerland everyone learnt to sew and stuff, in most schools even the boys. Plus we (the girls) got to do wood work as well. Go Switzerland! :-)

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