Posted by: Vicky | February 6, 2011

Frugal February has run into a minor obstacle

It was all going so well. Until I decided to buy a ticket for the church 70s Valentine’s disco next Saturday after all. It should be a laugh, lots of fun people will be there.

The problem is that I haven’t got any 70s clothes. My aunt suggested I wear the pretty pink dress. But my chest still needs to shrink quite a substantial amount before I can wear that out in public. It’s just about ok as long as I stand still (although even then I don’t think I’d be completely comfortable wearing it to a church social). But the whole point of a disco is the not standing still part! So no wearing the pretty pink dress just yet.

I googled 70s fancy dress ideas and found hundreds of online fancy dress shops. And of course there was no way I could resist. I’ve never done fancy dress before. At least, not since I was a child. It would take more than Frugal February to keep me from going all out.

I’m quite proud of myself for managing not to buy the little yellow dress and pretty yellow stiletto boots. For one thing, I’m almost certain yellow doesn’t suit me. Also, I don’t think I’ve lost enough weight just yet for the dress to look good on me. Maybe next year I can go for something like that :-)

For now I’ve decided to play it safe and go with black flares and a hippy top. And before you ask whether I also got shoes, yes, I admit it, I did.

I HAD TO! I haven’t got any suitable shoes.

I’ve only got 5 pairs of heels. That’s not a lot!

I will be treating Frugal February like Slimming World from now on. I’ve fallen off the wagon, but I’m picking myself back up and carrying on. Frugal February is still on! And I will try to do better from now on ;-)



  1. Hahah that looks awesome! I think it’s definitely a good reason to make an exception. :P

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