Posted by: Vicky | February 12, 2011

Night out

Let me just start by saying the following: I don’t think I’ve been as tipsy/drunk as I am now in quite a while.

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I’ve just got in from a night out having drinks for a friend’s birthday.

What I have to say:

  • She has got one seriously HOT friend! (Yes, male!)
  • I like her sister
  • She got quite drunk at my bday party last year too! Just in case you were wondering!
  • Her husband is lovely too
  • I actually managed to get rid of an unwanted admirer on my own!
  • I really liked her hot friend. Am I repeating myself?
  • Apparently Lincolnshire is in the middle of the UK and then East. I’m learning Geography here :)

I’m quite proud. I had this guy try to chat me up. He was quite good looking, but I can’t deal with guys trying to pick me up in bars. I don’t know what to do and I;m definitely not into seeing where it goes. My friend who’s bday it was offered to rescue me, but for some reason I decided to try to rescue myself.

He was all about the ‘life is a gift, let’s be philosophical’. So eventually, after quite a while of ‘I’m an engineer, I’m sure you’d find me boring and I haven’t the foggiest what the f*ck you’re on about’ he left me alone.

Also, I’m very pleased with the fact that I managed to tell him that I was uncomfortable with the way he was encroaching on my personal space. Go Vicky! It took me ages, but I managed to make myself tell him to back off dude!

Apparently I don’t look like I’m from Bristol. I insisted he tell me where he thought I was from. Eastern Europe?

Sorry dude, I’m Welsh! His face was hysterical :-D

I had a wonderful time and luckily she lives close enough that even I can’t get lost walking home from hers :-)

So drunk. Can’t remember having that much alcohol. Ah well, tomorrow night (or rather tonight (wow, tonight is EXTREMELY difficult to spell drunk)) I’m driving, so I was allowed to be naughty tonight ;)



  1. Eastern Europe? Yeah, right, just like I’m told I look French or that I don’t look Polish anymore. Meaning what? Don’t know exactly. I haven’t had a plastic surgery as far as I remember. Was it meant as a compliement? Hope so :)

    How come you can type when you’re drunk? If I try it comes out gibberish.

  2. I think it was meant to be a compliment. He did look quite horrified when I said Welsh though. Which was why I said it :-)

    I’m extremely surprised about the lack of spelling mistakes as well. But I do remember having to type some words over and over until they looked right. Particularly ‘tonight’ for some reason. :-S

  3. Haha, I’ve just reread this post and that last sentence was meant to read ‘I’m NOT driving…’ :-D

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