Posted by: Vicky | February 16, 2011

Operation Run Faster

Twelve and a half weeks from now I will be running the Bristol 10k. Not a problem. Except for the fact that I plan to run it in an hour or less. Which means that I somehow have to run 10 kilometres at a speed of at least 2 kmph more than my current maximum sustainable speed.

Operation Run Faster needs to start immediately!

So I’ve developed a plan of action.

First I printed out some 10k improver training plans in which I only have to run 3 times a week*. You might think that one training plan would be enough to be going on with. And that might work for you. But I tend not to be able to stick to them rigidly. So I prefer to compare a few different plans and pick out the bits that I think will work for me.

Then I created a table with 13 rows (13 weeks) and 3 columns (3 days) so that I can log what training I’ve done. Last year I found that really encouraging, so I’m going stick with it.

Next I mapped out a couple of routes for myself on MapMyRun to see how long they are. I got a little carried away here, and have now got a 10 mile route ready and handy for when I move on to training for the half marathon this autumn ;)

Finally, I packed my running gear into my sports bag ready to take to work tomorrow. If the weather holds up, tomorrow lunchtime I will be going for a 2.48 mile** run around the block.

Operation Run Faster is all mapped out and ready to be put into action! Wish me luck :)

* Who has time to run 5 days a week?!

** Yes, of course I mapped it!


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