Posted by: Vicky | March 7, 2011

It’s been too long

The sight of it actually physically made my chest ache. I almost cried. Not just once but every single time I saw it.

This weekend at the church weekend away, my reaction to the keyboard made me realise that as wonderful as my guitar is, I made a mistake when I put off buying a keyboard in favour of the smaller instrument.

I adore playing the piano. I miss being able to run my fingers over the keys whenever I feel like it (within reason of course, I’m not the kind of neighbour who plays music at 5am on a Sunday morning *hint hint, next door*).

I’ve just got a large bonus for doing overtime last year. So I can definitely afford this.

Guess what. I’m spending money again…

This time, I’m buying a brand new instrument. And I will not be involving ebay in the process. I’m investing in a good quality, brand new synth.

I have reluctantly decided to go for the 73 key version rather than the full length with 88 keys. I’m hoping that the medium size (I refuse to get the one with only 61 keys!) will fit in my car without me having to put the front passenger seat down as well as the back row.

While I’m glad only to have to park a little toy car, this is an instance where it pays to have a huge van of a car like my parents’ Merc Vito. I always thought my mum got that car mainly cause her synth fits in it with 6 seats still up ;-)

So, if all goes well, I should be receiving my new beauty on Thursday. I’m so pleased, I can’t even go *woot*. It’s much too important for a *woot*.




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