Posted by: Vicky | March 10, 2011

It’s here it’s here it’s here

My synth arrived this morning!

I spent most of the afternoon with variations of “I’ve got a synth! I’ve got a synth! Oh what a synth! It’s a wonderful synth!” going round in my head set to random tunes such as “This old house” and “Oh what a night”.

And I now have two new happy dances.

The first one is a special happy dance my fingers do. All day whenever they haven’t been typing or otherwise engaged, they’ve been fluttering happily in anticipation of being able to dance across the keys of my wonderful new synth :-)

The second one surprised even me. I’d just got home after rushing out from work without going to the loo cause I was so excited about the synth. Let me tell you, with the amount of water I drink, going to the loo before I leave is essential for a comfortable journey home.

So when I got home this evening, the moment I’d carted all the bits and pieces of my new synth into the house (I certainly wasn’t going to leave it in the car unattended in this part of Bristol!!!) I had to rush to the toilet.

And ended up sitting on the loo waving my arms madly above my head still happy dancing!

I’ve got a synth!!!

I spent just over two hours playing on it before I had to go out. I wondered why my hand ached until I looked at the clock ;)

I hummed all the way to my friends’ house (and back come to think of it). And the moment I got in the door just now, I turned it back on and played some more. I’ve got head phones so I’m not bothering anyone. Although I guess I should probably sing quieter now ;)

Good night, sleep well. I’m off to play some more on my synth :-D


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