Posted by: Vicky | March 17, 2011

Zumba… 8-|

Zumba class is a bad place to get a sudden severe attack of shyness.

I don’t get panic attacks thank goodness, but I did manage to work myself up into quite a state before the class started. How embarrassing is this going to be?! I’m going to look like a complete moron!*

I can’t follow a dance routine to save my life. I need clear explanations and at least five extremely slow demonstrations of each individual step before they’re put together. And then I need to be able to practice them slowly another 5 plus times before even thinking of speeding up. Big diagrams on the walls would be good, too.

And even after all that, I’m guaranteed to get it wrong at least half the time.

As it happens, that makes Zumba the perfect dance class for me. The first rule of Zumba is “There is no such thing as a wrong move in Zumba. Anything different from what the instructor is doing is called flavour and flavour is GREAT!”

So after a few minutes of checking how bad everyone else looked, I let myself go and joined in. And it was fun. And hard work. And confusing and bizarre and it made me doubt my sense of rhythm which doesn’t happen very often**. But still fun.

I’d do it again if I could find a class at a convenient time and location. Tonight was a one-off at my gym to raise money for Comic Relief.

Here’s hoping enough people feed back that they want a regular zumba class*** for the gym to set it up :)

* I did, but then so did almost everyone else, too :)
** only when I try to follow a dance instructor’s moves, in fact!
*** not me of course, I’d never be as organised and sensible as that



  1. Good for you!
    My Mum goes to Zumba. She suffers from the same total lack of coordination. It’s the old “thinking while trying to do the moves” thing. That’s why I only ever attended one Step class in my life.

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