Posted by: Vicky | March 27, 2011

Shopaholic and shoes

This afternoon I went slightly mad ordering summery shoes online.

In my defense, before this afternoon I didn’t have a single pair of pumps (soon I’ll have two *g*). And I fell in love with the wedges in Tk maxx earlier this week but they only had them in a size 7 which is extremely uncomfortable when you’ve got humongous size 8 feet like I have.

These are my beautiful new wedges:

They’re from Firetrap but I ordered them from Tk maxx because I couldn’t find them on the Firetrap website today. I’m sure they were there yesterday. But it was the same price, so never mind.

And here are my pumps*:

They’re from Next and I’ve ordered the black pointy pumps and the ‘raspberry orchid’, i.e. pink ones.

Of course I bought the pink ones. Do you not know me?! I confessed to some friends this evening (girly DVD nights are the best. Just saying.) and one of them’s immediate reaction was ‘I hope they weren’t all pink!’ :-D

My excuse for buying the pumps is that I have to show my appreciation to Next by buying their stuff. After all, they’re the only people currently willing to give me credit except for my aunt and uncle who let me buy their old car on credit. And sadly the car buying doesn’t show up in my credit report…

That reminds me: I paid off the car this month, so now I no longer have to feel slightly uncomfortable when talking about my car. It really is mine now! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

*embarrassed face*

Not sure the car quite warrants an evil laugh.

But still. Yays! :)

* no, I didn’t buy the whole collection (not quite), but I couldn’t get single pictures



  1. That reminds me that I need new shoes, too. And a lucky lottery ticket I guess :)

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