Posted by: Vicky | April 12, 2011

A steady diet of three necklaces a day

I might have gone just a little bit mad on Folksy last Wednesday. I wasn’t feeling very good and rather than comfort eat, I comfort shopped. So this week I’ve been receiving necklace after necklace with a couple of pairs of earrings thrown in for good measure.

Yesterday I went to work wearing my pretty black bow necklace. But a whole stash of lovely new necklaces was waiting for me at my desk and I couldn’t resist them. So I swapped to my new “WTF?” necklace. But wonderful as it is, it didn’t really suit my mood. True, WTF? is always applicable (if perhaps not always appropriate, depending on the company. I wouldn’t want to have to explain it to my grandparents for example) but I had another necklace that fit my mood perfectly: my new “YAY!” necklace.

This morning I chose my new “KAPOW” necklace (I’ve got it in black, not green) to wear with my red top. But when I discovered (just as I was about to head out the door) that I’d managed to get half of my breakfast down myself, I had to change tops. And since I was no longer wearing red, I suddenly had the option of wearing a pink necklace. So I swapped ‘KAPOW’ for a pretty little pink robot, which I showed off to everyone who crossed my path as I made my way to my desk at work. But when I got there, I found another package waiting for me. And it contained nothing less than an incredible little stormtrooper necklace! I couldn’t resist! The pink robot will get its chance some other day.

Where to find the little beauties:

Black acrylic bow necklace: Temporary Secretary
WTF? necklace: Retro Thrust
YAY! necklace: Cherryloco Jewellery
KAPOW necklace: Cherryloco Jewellery
Glossy pink robot necklace: Kawaii Boutique UK
Stormtrooper geek necklace: Cherry Trash



  1. I’m addicted to folksy :) The stormtrooper rules :)

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