Posted by: Vicky | April 26, 2011

Swimming has broken me

Apparently, if you’re not used to swimming, the breast stroke is not the healthiest stroke to chose. I was completely unaware of this before today.

Today I went swimming properly (as in swimming lengths for excercise) for the first time since I had swimming lessons in school. Which must be almost 15 years ago by now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the pub with two friends from work and we made a pact. We agreed that the three of us would get our more or less unfit and overweight bodies to the local leisure centre to swim lengths together.

I desperately needed that pact. There’s no way I could have made myself unveil my (as of TODAY) no longer obese but still quite overweight body in a swimming costume in a leisure centre swimming pool without a friend to metaphorically hold my hand.

So I do understand how the one friend came to chicken out. I’m still extremely disappointed with her though, especially since she’s totally slim! So maybe she’s got a bit of cellulite, WHO HASN’T?! I’ve got fat legs with super cellulite!

Anyway, I digress.

We swam 40 lengths of the 25m pool, which means we swam a very grand total of 1000 metres! I was so chuffed!

But then, this afternoon, I was on my way to the corner shop near work when my left knee went *crunch* loudly and I almost fell over. It hurt SO MUCH! I almost phoned a workmate (any workmate) to come and fetch me back to the office in a car, even though I was less than a 5 minute walk away.

I managed to resist that urge and hobbled into the shop. Once I was done posting my letter and buying the creme egg for a post weigh-in treat my knee had recovered a tiny bit and I was able to limp back to work.

According to one of the ladies at my Slimming World group, the problem has definitely been caused by the breast stroke. She’s got knee replacements and she’s been banned from doing breast stroke because of the pressure it puts on your knee joints. Her suggestion was to do the breast stroke arm movement but the crawl leg kick. That’ll be embarrassing. I’d do the crawl properly, but I seem to have forgotten how. I went all over the lane when I tried it!

It’s been hours since it happened and I keep thinking my knee has improved, only to find it really hasn’t. So I’m quite worried about the 10k which is looming ever closer. Less than 3 weeks to go now! And my knee won’t let me walk 10-minute-kilometres, let alone run 10-minute-miles!



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