Posted by: Vicky | September 27, 2011

Awful, but I still love it

A couple of weeks ago the random lunchtime conversation turned to music storage formats through the ages. What I took away from the conversation was the sad thought that some of my favourite music is stuck on badly deteriorated tapes.

Having been reminded of all that wonderful 90s music, I went online to have a look for it. Would you believe the first song I remembered was this monstrosity:

Isn’t it freaky? I love it to bits anyway!

I went online that evening and found a wonderful website listing all the “Bravo Hits” CDs. They’re a German kind of “Now That’s What I Call Music” compilation. Growing up in Switzerland that tended to be where I got my music from, copying my friends’ Bravo Hits CDs (I didn’t know about it being illegal back then).

With my usual self control I ended the night having ordered 7 compilations. I know, 7 double CDs is an awful lot in one go, but trust me, it was very close to being sooooo much worse…

Um, lets ignore the fact that I then had to order a new iPod Classic so that I’d have space for all my new music. Oops. But I really had been meaning to get a new iPod for ages, because the one I’ve got is slowly dying (it’s a five year old Nano).

Anyway, I digress.

The CDs have been trickling in ever since. I’m extremely happy with the five I’ve got and am looking forward to the remaining two.

My running playlist has been taken over by all the 90s europop, which makes running so much more fun. But let’s not talk about running. I’ve got a humongous fail going on there. Eek.

This next one is my favourite song from the latest CD to arrive. In fact, it might be my favourite over all. Takes me back to 1993 (I was 10, why am I in love with all this music from when I was 10?!)

(Sadly I can’t seem to embed the original version, but this is close enough *g*)



  1. Oh.My.Dear.God. I was 16 in 1993 and that probably explains why I was listening to Nirvana, Bjork and Smashing Pumpkins then, rather than Bravo Hits ;) Not that I’m completely unfamiliar with the songs… ;)

  2. Mr Vain is a classic! I ADORE 90s music. As you know after my facebook link to the Scatman song last night. :-)

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