Posted by: Vicky | October 15, 2011

Hello, world

Apparently the ‘no drinking and blogging’ rule that I put in place a million years ago? More of a guideline that one. ‘Cause OMFG am I ever shitfaced. If I can type in my password, I can blog (not blod), right?

So, it’s been a while since I blogged. It’s also been a while since I drank much. But when I let go, I totally let go! It was lovely ;)

It was quite funny. There were a lot of people there who actually remember the epic night when I got completely lost and wandered round Bristol all night. While it’s an extremely embarrassing memory, I LOVED reminiscing about it with various people tonight :-D

But the reason I’ve actually got my PC out and written this post is the following:

I’ve joined a new volleyball team. It’s a mixed team that is part of the club I’ve been in since I’ve been in Bristol (I was a member of this club 5 years ago, when I was here for my work placement, too). But the level of volleyball is quite a bit lower than I’ve played recently. Tonight we had the first club social of the year (hence the shitfacedness). And after plenty of alcohol, my team mates have ‘fessed up: my volleyballing weakness, in their view, is my spike. My dig is great, my spike not so much.

While I understand how they have come to this conclusion (they’ve only seen me play twice, both times my digs were unusually good, but I haven’t quite got used to the mens’ height net yet (8 inches higher than women’s height!!!)), I am quite befuddled. I’ve played volleyball for 14 years now and I have ALWAYS been a hitter. My spike is my STRENGTH!

And I know I can spike down over a men’s height net. I just need to get used to jumping that high again. I am sooooo going to show them. Just watch this space, I am going to wipe the court with anyone on the other side who thinks I can’t spike! Just you watch!

Also, apparently (at least when drunk), I feel there’s no need for my old blog ( to be private anymore ;)

Who knows how I’ll feel once I’ve regained conciousness…

PS: Ouch, I just sneezed and bit my tongue :(



  1. Hope you’re not too hungover when you wake up!

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