Posted by: Vicky | January 14, 2012

It’s 2012? How did that happen?

So I failed at the blogging at least once a week in 2011. Oops. There are quite a few other items on my 2011 todo list that I chickened out of, or never quite got round to, or almost managed but not quite. But I’m not beating myself up over it, because that wasn’t the point of the list.

I’m completely certain that the list improved 2011. I know I wouldn’t have bothered to insist we go to Go Ape for my birthday. Or to actually organise a trip to Alton Towers. And Alton Towers was such a hit that we (the work mates and I) went to Thorpe Park not long after that.

So 2012 is getting its own todo list. I haven’t quite finalised it yet, but it’s coming along. So far I have about 15 items (including the two didn’t-quite-make-it items from last year ‘Run the 10k in an hour or less’ and ‘Run a half marathon’).

A new resolution is ‘Be more happy’. I get cross/angry/frustrated quite easily. One of my work mates teases me about it a lot. Not in a horrible way. He tries to get me to see that constantly getting worked up over the little things just makes me unhappy. So this year I want to try harder to learn to take a step back and say to myself ‘Never mind. This really is just a little thing. So look at the beautiful blue sky…’ or something to that effect.

So happy thoughts.

Except 2012 hasn’t started great. My grandpa’s dying of cancer. Not good.

He seems more cheerful now that he’s been given a time frame to work with, even if it is very short. But it’s so hard to watch him deteriorate like this.


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