Posted by: Vicky | February 15, 2012

Another 20(ish) things for a new(ish) year

I’ve been suffering from absolutely non-existent motivation recently. Getting out of bed to go to work each day has been the most mammoth task. And actually posting my 2012 todo list has felt impossible, even though I’ve actually had the list complete since late January.

But for some reason, today I am MOTIVATED. I not only went to weigh in at Slimming World (without having to drag myself there), I even stayed for group! That’s the first time this year.

Last year’s list was great. I’m certain it had a positive impact on my year, even though I think I only completed about half (if not less) of the items on it. And because I was able to stick to the most important rule of No pressure!!! I’m doing it again this year :)

And here it is. If you could try not to judge me too harshly, that would be lovely, thanks.

  1. Go punting in Oxford or Cambridge
  2. Go to a proper restaurant on my own
  3. Go to Book Barn
  4. Run 10k in hour or less
  5. Run half marathon
  6. Get bike, cycle to work
  7. Get massage
  8. Spa? Spa weekend?
  9. Be happier, less angry
  10. Go sphereing/zorbing
  11. Blog once a week
  12. Go on date (speed dating counts)
  13. Go to the opera
  14. Go to the ballet
  15. Actually follow on of the recipes/instructions for decorating cake from my countless cake decorating books
  16. Go swimming on own
  17. Go to Westonbirt arboretum
  18. Cook something from a Slimming World recipe at least once a month
  19. Quit sucking my thumb
  20. Get Slimming World 4 stone sticker by bristol 10k
  21. Stay at 4 stone or lower by end of year!

I’ve already kind of failed at a few of them (see items 11 and 18), but I’m hoping it’ll average out over the whole year. And if not, never mind :)

Here’s hoping I can hang on to this surge of motivation for a while :D


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