Posted by: Vicky | August 21, 2012

Royal icing fail

Since the horde is away visiting friends this evening, after having dinner with Grandma I decided to try out my newest toy:

I’ve never piped decorations with royal icing before, but I bought a book, a set of piping nozzles, some disposable piping bags and some ready mixed royal icing sugar. Should be easy, right?

Apparently not. It seems you need to beat royal icing to make it stiff. If I’d known that, I’d have brought my hand mixer on holiday with me, not just a mixing bowl. So I got out a wooden spoon and spent ten minutes beating icing. According to the instructions on the box of icing sugar, you can beat it with a wooden spoon, it just takes longer than if you use a mixer. I’m not convinced.

After 10 minutes I got bored and had a go, even though I could see it wasn’t really stiff enough. I was aiming for something along these lines

What I produced was this

(The dent is from when I poked it just now, to see whether it was hard yet…)

So I added the rest of the icing sugar to the bowl. As you do. It got a bit stiffer, and by that point my hand was about to fall off, so I had another go.

I now have a million rubbishy almost flower or star like decorations, one blob with a ball in the middle (and a dent off to one side), and a large tub of made up royal icing in the fridge.

Next time I’ll know to use a mixer. And start with a lot less water. I’m pretty sure having to weigh out the water in the scales, because the measuring jug started out at 200ml, didn’t help.

Never mind, it was an experiment and you learn most from mistakes and all that ;)

I’m off to find some cake now. All this faffing about with icing has made me hungry!


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