Posted by: Vicky | August 30, 2012

So tired

I’ve been struggling to get to sleep recently. The last two nights were particularly bad, with me not getting to sleep before 4am. And while I used to be able to bounce through the day on not a lot of sleep, that was years ago. So today was difficult to say the least.

But I eventually found two things to cheer me up:

First, one of my favourite songs came on while I was listening to my ipod. It made me wonder whether the band, Culcha Candela, had a more recent album out yet. I googled it, and they do. Yays! After listening to the samples, I ordered the CD. Can’t wait till it arrives!

This isn’t my favourite song from the album, but it’s the one that speaks to me right now. It’s saying “Ich mache blau” which basically means I’m taking a sickie and skiving off work. Yup, I totally want to be the person in this song!

And then this appeared on twitter:

I’ll admit that, much as I hate the thought, it’s probably photoshopped. But I love it anyway. I’m still chuckling at it hours later :D



  1. Ohh, I hope this gets better! Lack of sleep is the worst. We were having a hard time recently too, and got ourselves a special light for light therapy…it’s wonderful!

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