Posted by: Vicky | October 26, 2012

My personal hell

A.k.a. Restringing my guitar

Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and completely restring my guitar. I’ve neglected it horribly, and when I restarted my guitar lessons (after a 5 year break) last Monday, my teacher agreed that the poor thing needed new strings.

I checked online and was informed that taking it to a shop to have an expert restring it for me would be the ultimate in shameful behaviour. So I dutifully ordered a set of strings and a string winder and cutter. Apparently, it’s a lot easier with the winder. Honestly? I can’t imagine how anyone can restring a guitar without a winder, it’s almost impossible even with the stupid thing!!!

The aim of this post is to remind myself, if and when restringing guitars becomes an issue again, to just swallow the humble pie and get (and if necessary, pay) someone else to do it!

This is what my twitter feed looked like during the incident:

The guitar is now restrung. Kind of. Not sure what my teacher will say. And I’m desperately trying to forget about the mould I think was growing in the back of the guitar *shudder*


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