Posted by: Vicky | January 25, 2013

Burns Night

I've been struggling with my ipad which seems to be just eating blog posts left right and centre. So this is the third attempt of the day. If it gets swallowed too, I'm giving up!

[Edit: I complained on twitter about blogsy supposedly eating the first post, and got a reply from the blogsy account suggesting I check the local drafts list. Lo and behold, there it is! So now there are two posts today. Ah well…]

I liked the first post, it was all angsty about how I'm a shy, socially awkward odd person, who's off on a trip with complete strangers. Plus I'm constantly travel sick, and I'm driving to the Shetlands on a coach, and an overnight ferry. I've got STACKS of travel sickness pills :)

The second was a description of my Burns Night. Basically, it was lovely and I had a bunch of traditional Scottish food: cock-a-leekie soup; haggis, tatties and neeps; and cranachan for desert.

We were surprised when the main course seemed to be a steaming hot cheesecake:

That's actually a layer of haggis on the bottom, a layer of potatoes (tatties) and a layer of swede (or that's what I was told neeps are. Apparently, swede is called neeps, short for turnips, here in Scotland).

Sadly, due to my killer cold that hit just in time for my holiday, I could hardly taste anything :( That included the four different whiskies I was trying to compare. All I can tell you is that the second one was so strong, I could almost smell it ;)

I wasn't the only one who couldn't taste any whisky in the Cranachan. But then, I think the four whiskies I did have were plenty :)


Overall a good evening :)




  1. We also did a Burns Night weekend in Edinburgh (for my daughter’s 19th birthday) and were on the same ferry to the Shetlands for Up Helly Aa! (I know this because I totally Twitter-stalked you).

    Glad you made it without vomiting (I hope)! We arrived a bit shaken and stirred but happy to be here!

    We’ll keep an eye out for you during the crazy of the procession. Enjoy!

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