Posted by: Vicky | January 26, 2013

Confused tourist in Edinburgh

Wow, Edinburgh is soooooo beautiful! Of course, I’ve been really lucky with the weather! Look at what I woke up to this morning:


Forgive my poor photography skills, it’s been ages since I’ve really used my camera. But you can see the spectacular blue sky! :)

As I was getting my camera out to take that picture of the castle in the stunning weather, this little fellow came along. He seemed to be convinced that I was about to feed him. I was convinced my camera was going to be so slow that he’d have gone by the time the picture actually too, but no. He just came closer and closer, till I got a tiny bit worried he was going to try to make me feed him ;) There’s no zoom on this picture, I could have reached out and touched him! (Huh, it now occurs to me that he might have been a girl squirrel. Never mind.)


Next I tried to climb the 287 steps of the Scott Monument.


Due partly to that fact that I’m currently so large that I would only just have fit up the next level of steps on my own, even without trying to pass people going the other way, and partly to my abject fear of heights that had me frozen in fear on the first level, I didn’t make it to the top.

I’ve still got a certificate saying I climbed the 287 steps, they hand that out as you go in. I think they should have a pile of them at the top! You should only get one, if you’ve actually done it! I haven’t filled in my name, but then again, I wouldn’t have kept ithe certificate even if I had made it to the top… ;)

The first platform is just above the arches, where the monument narrows to the central tower. I can tell you, it seems a lot higher when you’re up there! I’m blaming the bad photographs on the fact that I was too terrified to go near the edge and so didn’t really get the angle I wanted ;)


After a delicious (as far as I could tell, anyway, the evil cold is still wreaking havoc on my taste buds) lunch of haggis panini, I wandered up and down the Royal Mile for a bit.


I haven’t made it to the bottom of the royal mile yet. My plan is to visit Holyrood Palace when I get back from the Shetlands next weekend. I’m considering buying one of these Royal Edinburgh Tickets. I’ve done the sightseeing bus thing in Dublin and enjoyed it in spite of myself. And I’d like to visit the castle and Holyrood Palace, so it seems like quite a good deal :)

I loved the view coming back to Waverly Station. Love this bridge!


I want to live here! Such a beautiful city! I don’t suppose anyone would like to offer me a job here? ;)

Now I’m off for dinner, followed by a ghost tour and then meeting some of my trip mates for some pre-tour drinks. Because a hangover will improve the coach journey… :)


PS: Of course I got lost again, I’ve obviously left what sense of direction I usually/sometimes have at home. I couldn’t find the cafe I was looking for at the lovely @Blonde_M‘s recommendation. Will try again next week ;)



  1. Hi,
    loved your photos and you shouldn’t feel so insecure about them. There are ones that are a bit shaky, but specially the first and the last truly capture the beautiful view. Lots of love,

    • Thank you! :)

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