Posted by: Vicky | January 27, 2013

Ghost tour camera fail

When you go on a tour in a beautiful city like Edinburgh, it’s a good idea to bring your camera along. Common sense, no? Well I lack that.

I really enjoyed the tour. I’ve now been up Calton Hill in the daytime and at night. I’d say in the dark, except it really wasn’t dark. (Wow, autocorrect just replaced farj with dark. Unusual autocorrect win.) The city lights were reflecting off the clouds and lit the whole thing up almost as bright as a very dark day. Maybe one with a solar eclipse? Never mind.

It wasn’t bright enough for my phone’s camera though, that’s certain. I took three pictures where you can almost make out what they’re of. If you squint. And turn the light off. And I tell you what you’re looking at…

This was a spectacular view from most of the way up Calton Hill. I think the blue smear that is the topmost non black in the centre of the image is Edinburg Castle. That’s the best I can do.


At the bottom of Calton Hill we visited the Old Calton Burial Ground. There were a few warnings about any people jumping out at us wearing strange masks were just regular weirdos and nothing to do with the tour company. Apparently some people like to spend their evenings that way (we were lucky enough not to have anyone do that to us). The freakiest warning, in my opinion, was the warning that if we heard moans and groans, it was less likely to be a ghost than a couple of lovers getting their freak on. According to the tour guide, in Scotland graveyards are the second most popular venue for public hanky panky. Of course there was no way I was letting this pass. I like my facts. I couldn’t not ask. The most popular choice are public toilets. *EWWW* I was not alone in feeling that if it were an either-or, do-or-die choice, I’d go for the graveyard. Hands down! ;)

The next picture probably turned out as well as it would have on a proper camera. It’s the back of a tombstone in the Old Calton Burial Ground. Apparently the guy who’s buried there was a very proud man. So one of the explanations for why his soul might have left such a mark on the back of the tombstone was that he was unhappy with the less than adequate tombstone his admirers had made for him when he’d left insufficient funds to have one at all.


Spooky ;)

Finally, I really wanted to take a picture of the Political Martyr’s Monument. These men were deported to Australia for campaigning for more people to be allowed to vote. Of course the picture taking was not as successful as I’d hoped.


If you look very carefully, you can see the outline of an obelisk. It’s leaning to the left cause I couldn’t see it at all on the screen when I took the picture. I tried about five times, but it was always leaning to one side or the other. Ah well.

I didn’t realise until I went on Wikipedia, but of course I’d seen the monument earlier in the day. And even taken a picture of it :)


Afterwards I met up with a few of the people going on the Up Helly Aa trip with me. They seem like nice people and I feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing already :)

Now I’m just terrified I’m going to oversleep and miss the coach. That would be awful!!!



  1. Loved hearing about your adventures by postcard and by blog! You should get my postcard soon. So great to have connected with you!

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