Posted by: Vicky | May 23, 2013

Baking bad

You know when you start baking a lemon cake and realise part way through that you’ve forgotten a pretty central ingredient, the lemon? That’s what I did tonight.

So I rushed out to get a lemon, all the while trying to work out how I’d turn a lemon semolina cake into a chocolate semolina cake if the Co-op round the corner didn’t sell lemons.

Luckily, my cousin wanted me to get some garlic, too. Because I gave up on finding any lemons and would have left the fresh produce section in defeat if I hadn’t remembered the garlic. And as I was scanning for garlic, something yellow caught my eye…

Yes, I was having a bit of a scatterbrained evening!

Back at home I quickly squeezed the lemon and grated its zest into the cake mixture. It’s a simple recipe, so I was shoving the cake in the oven with a relieved sigh in no time.

Except, turning round, it seemed as if there was a huge arrow pointing at the red juicer (dun-dun-DUN…)

I admit, I swore. Luckily the family was all in the other room ;)

After all that faff, I’d managed to forget to actually PUT THE LEMON IN THE CAKE!!! FFS, Vicky!!!

So now I have a cake that tastes faintly (very faintly) lemony, but mostly just eggy.

Well done, genius!


I’ve just tried a piece and it’s DELICIOUS! :-D

Here, have a picture of it:

lemon blueberry cake



  1. Hahaha, so funny Vicky! Love the title of the post too – very clever!

    • Thanks Paula :)

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