Posted by: Vicky | January 16, 2014

Quantity over quality

I’ve finally got around to sorting through some of the photos I took in 2013. On the one hand I’m very proud of myself, having reduced at least 3 folders from five hundred or so pictures each to one to two hundred each. That’s a thousand pictures I’ve deleted tonight! Of course, I’ve backed them all up in sub-folders called “originals,” after all I might change my mind and realise that blurry shot of who knows what is actually a masterpiece in disguise…

On the other hand, I’ve been smacked in the face once again with the fact that I’ll happily take twenty photos of the same thing from the same angle, in the hope that one or two might turn out all right. But then I can’t bear to delete any because there isn’t an obvious best one…

My next photo sorting challenge is to pick a manageable number of photos for a best of 2013 blog post. And maybe a slightly larger number for a best of 2013 photo album. After all, it’s been on my todo list for years (see item 20 on my 2011 list!) and I still haven’t started that photo album…

Here’s a random picture that will probably make my best of 2013 list. It’s not the best picture ever, it’s impossible to get close enough and get the whole of the minarets in. But I’m standing in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul grinning my foolish head off, so it absolutely makes the list. ISTANBUL!!! :-D

Me in front of Blue Mosque


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