Posted by: Vicky | September 18, 2014

My holiday allowance

Since I joined my current company I've started each year joyfully aware of how lucky I am with the generous holiday allowance of 27 working days per annum. Then I've reached the middle of the year wondering where it's all gone. I book random days off willy nilly early in the year until there's barely enough left to take one proper holiday.

For 2015 I think I've found a solution. Ok, it's accidentally happened as I've booked next year's holidays willy nilly (sorry, I don't know why I'm overusing that particular expression today. It is a fun one though, isn't it? Willy nilly :) ). As of today, I've booked three separate full length holidays of at least a week each for 2015 using up 20 of my days. Plus half a day for a weekend trip to Copenhagen in January.

I'm really pleased with this. Yes, it still means I can't just decide to take a week's holiday on the spur of the moment (3 or 4 of the remaining 6.5 days will be designated by the company for the time between Christmas and New Years) but I get 3 full holidays next year!

And most importantly, I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! I can't wait! There was a sale on flights from Bristol airport to New York. Exactly 30 minutes after the email hit my inbox I was looking at my booking confirmation :) When am I ever going to get to New York for £500 return otherwise? :)

So next February, that's where I'm going. *happy dance*

Of course, this year has been and continues to be fabulous as well. My Scandi-Baltic holiday, particularly my time travelling alone in Lithuania, improved my travelling confidence by miles. I don't think I'd have booked such a huge trip as the Big Apple if not for that holiday :)

Also, a week tomorrow I'm off to Paris for a weekend! It'll be my first trip to Paris, but hopefully not the last :) The one thing I've got booked in for absolutely definite is a “Paris chocolates and pastries walking tour.” It pays to go with an experienced traveller who is also a food blogger. They find the best ways to enjoy a place! :)



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