Posted by: Vicky | February 22, 2015

Confused in New York

As I write this, I'm 8.5 hours into a 14 hour layover at Dublin airport. I landed here at 5am Irish time, which was midnight as far as my body was concerned. My flight leaves at 6.55pm. So if this post is a bit disjointed, it's because I keep falling asleep over my iPad.


I had a fantastic time in New York. I fit in a lot of the usual touristy agenda in my 8 night stay.


The weather was horrendously cold, apparently record breakingly cold. I managed to catch a horrible cold from wandering around with my coat open for the first three days. What was I thinking?!


It was suggested that maybe I should have been willing to spend more money and go at a warmer time of year. But while I might not have caught the cold, and the parks might have shown themselves in their full green splendour, there were benefits to visiting New York in winter.


It seemed extremely busy to me anyway, but I imagine there are a lot more tourists in warmer months. And less tourists meant less people entering the Broadway ticket lotteries. I entered the ticket lotteries four times and won three times! So I got to go see three Broadway shows for the grand total of $102. So basically three fantastic shows for the price of one. And they were all good seats :)


Of course, there were some confused moments. My favourite was when I was asked to pinpoint my exact location while wandering around MoMA. My friends Julie and Lisa joined me in New York for a few days. When we went to MoMA, Julie and I got to the museum first. By the time Lisa got there, we'd split up and were wandering around separately. This is the communication as we tried to meet up:


(Of course I meant “on the wall,” not “in the wall.” That would have been a slightly different installation.)

Lisa captured the wall in question in this Instagram picture :-D



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