25 random facts

Well, it says 25 facts, but I decided one of them was just too personal and removed it. So there are only 24 at the moment. (If you can remember what it was, no it hasn’t changed. It was still a valid statement, it just bugged me having it there…)

  1. I’m a relapsed puzzleholic. I adore logic puzzles such as nonograms, kakuro, sudoku (although I’m a bit bored with classic sudoku), slitherlink, hitori, and all the rest. I tried to give them up, but I only lasted two months before I fell off the wagon…
  2. When I was in highschool some girl declared with a sideways glance at my white socks under too short black jeans ‘No-one wears white socks. All socks should be black, except possibly when doing sports.’ Ever since I have only ever bought black socks and sports socks, until a year and a half ago, when I suddenly became utterly sick of black socks. All my socks are now multicoloured and fun. My favourite pair is the one that declares ‘Gone crazy. Back soon.’ They’re so me :-)
  3. I can convert signed binary fractions in my head. Ones and zeros are so wonderfully clean and simple.
  4. I adore volleyball. I’ve always played in at least one team since I was fourteen.
  5. I studied IT & electrical engineering. I wanted to develop microchips cause it’s so much fun. But now I’ve got a job modelling microchips in software. It looks like it’s going to be just as much fun :-)
  6. I enjoy knitting. Seriously, I do. I stick to the easy stuff though: I only ever knit scarves. And all the patterns are created by changing the wool.
  7. I’m pretty sure most of the music I like is seriously uncool. But I don’t care, so there!
  8. My taste in films, music, books, anything is scattered all over the place: I adore romantic comedies, action thrillers, murder mysteries, sci-fi, the odd drama here and there… I adore country music, pop, folk, rap, disco, brit-pop, and loads of others, I’m just not educated enough to know the names… Anyway, you get the picture.
  9. I’m a bookworm. I’ll read multiple books a day if no-one bothers me. When I reread the Harry Potter series a few years ago, it took me 8 days for all seven books. At the time I was working on my master thesis.
  10. I’ve got a horrible temper. I’ve learnt to control it very well, so generally I don’t freak out at people any more. And it’s been more than ten years since I last beat anyone up
  11. I still sulk. I’m working on it. I swear I’ve improved… At the very least I now apologise for it… It’s a start.
  12. I believe that Jesus is the son of God who loved us so much that he became human and came to earth to suffer all our difficulties and temptations, and died alone to redeem our sin. Isn’t he incredible?!
  13. I play the piano. I really love music. I enjoy playing in church, but it can be sooo frustrating sometimes, when I don’t get told the songs in time to practice properly. At the moment I’m not playing in church cause I’m too shy to go and ask whether they could use an extra musician in the church I’m going to now :(
  14. I can be a bit of a perfectionist. For some reason I seem to swing between wanting things to be absolutely perfect and not caring at all… And I tend to get the timing wrong: when it’s not important I try to get it perfect. When it’s counts I don’t care… :-S
  15. I’m absolutely terrified of heights. I hate towers. But I keep making myself go up them just to prove I can. The scariest thing is the fact that I feel like I’m going to throw myself over the edge… It would be a way to kind of experience flying, if only for a very short period right before the ground arrives… So in fact, I’m probably not so much scared of the height but of myself faced with heights
  16. I’m scared of animals. Pretty much all of them. But I can deal. I adore my cat. I find dogs the hardest to deal with. I’m scared they’ll bite me. And I don’t want to hurt them retaliating. Stupid, huh? Whenever I pass a large dog in the street, I pull my hands up into my sleeves, just to make sure there aren’t any tempting morsels hanging down near its jaws as it passes…
  17. I never said I was sane. I try not to lie
  18. I absolutely adore Roy Orbison. You know those friendship albums that went round school? I always wrote Roy Orbison and the Travelling Wilburys as my favourite band. Roy Orbison rocks :-D
  19. I was born in Newport, Wales, lived in Caldicot Wales till I was 6 years old then moved to Switzerland with my family. At the grand old age of 26 (exactly the age my parents were when they left) I’ve moved back to the UK. I’m now a re-pat! :)
  20. I love shoes. Sadly I’m a Swiss size 42 which is a UK size 8. In Switzerland it’s practically impossible to get nice looking shoes in my size. Once I spent all afternoon traipsing round town looking for a brown pair of shoes to go with my outfit for a friend’s wedding. I found one pair that fit me. Unfortunately it was revolting… Thank goodness I live in the UK now! :)
  21. I get crushes on disney heroes. Whenever I watch Mulan I end up daydreaming I’m her. Her guy is sooo dreamy. When I watch Hercules, I daydream I’m the heroine, and make up a replacement hero, cause honestly? Disney’s Hercules is not a hunk no matter how many times those statues/pots/whatever sing about him…
  22. I think sleep is optional. I’ll live while I’m alive, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. That’s the spirit! No, I’m not an insomniac, I’m just a moron who can’t stop reading/blogging/puzzling/whatevering and go to bed…
  23. I like the colour pink. In fact it’s become one of my favourite colours. I used to hate it. Too girly. I’d decided I was so unattractive that I would avoid anything girly to make sure no-one ever got the idea I was trying… (don’t ask me trying what, I don’t know). I’ve grown up and no longer care so much about what people think. I like pink. So what. Every now and then I remember this article I read years ago that said ‘A woman who wears pink has got it and knows she’s got it,’ or something to that effect. At the time I felt excluded but stoutly declared to anyone who would listen ‘I haven’t got it and I don’t want it whatever it is’. Nowadays I think it’s funny. I still don’t know what it is. But I don’t care… :-)
  24. I love to laugh. Seriously, I’ll laugh absolutely anytime at absolutely anything. Thank goodness everyone seems to agree that laughing is good for you. If it weren’t I’d be long gone… ;-)

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