Confused does Slimming World

I’ve had enough of being fat! Clothes would be more fun if I were slimmer and I would be soooooo much better at volleyball (not that I’m not already good, but I’d be that much better, I’d be GREAT!!! (or maybe still just good, but a girl’s gotta dream)). So some of these horrible stones are being fired!

(I was inspired to join Slimming World by Helen who’s doing so amazingly well over at Slimming Girl’s World.)

Weigh-in #28:

  • Date: 12/4/2011
  • Week’s loss: 0
  • Current weight: 13st 11lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 45lb
  • Weight left to lose: 32lb
  • Comment: I’m EXTREMELY chuffed! Had the most wonderful 3 day weekend and was expecting to pay for it with a gain. Since I’m in an extremely good mood from the weekend and the news that my workmate can feel the top of his legs, I was prepared to be perfectly cheerful about a one or two pound gain. A maintain? I did my happy dance :) And I also skipped half the way home from weigh-in. Skipping for a sustained period is hard work if you’re not used to it :D

Weigh-in #27:

  • Date: 5/4/2011
  • Week’s loss: 2lb
  • Current weight: 13st 11lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 45lb
  • Weight left to lose: 32lb
  • Comment: I’m glad the Slimming World website is finally predicting my losses again. It was a bit demoralising when it just refused to predict anything. I couldn’t quite work out whether it would have been worse for it to have started predicting gains or not ;-)

Er. Um. I’ve had an extremely crappy 6 weeks, food-wise, and haven’t been motivated to post each weigh-in here. Suffice it to say that until now, that 13st 11.5lb was my lowest weight and I’ve weighed in at 13st 13lb FOUR times, only one of which was a maintain. I’ve been yoyoing around my 3 stone loss. But now I’m back on track and plan to post regularly again.

Weigh-in #21:

  • Date: 22/2/2011
  • Week’s loss: 5lb
  • Current weight: 13st 11.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 44.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 32.5lb
  • Comment: I’m extremely pleased! Of course, I was quite good this week and also got back into the whole gym and going running thing. So I was expecting to do well. But not quite this well :-D

Weigh-in #20:

  • Date: 15/2/2011
  • Week’s loss gain: 3.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 2.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 39.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 37.5lb
  • Comment: I’m not surprised I gained a lot this week. I am a bit disappointed that it’s quite this much, but I have to admit that I deserve every last half pound of it. I’ve been consistently bad diet-wise. Every time I tried to get back on the wagon something would go wrong and I’d end up having had a lot more syns than are good for me. At least the carnage wasn’t caused by comfort eating this time. I was just out and about a lot and feeling quite cocky about having lost over 3 stone in less than 5 months. I hope this will teach me better ;)
    I’m not too fussed about it. I have been doing really well. And today I was 100% back on plan, I’ve had 6.5 of my 15 syns a day and am not planning to have any more. (I might consider a hot chocolate, but that’s only 2 more syns). So as long as I can keep going tomorrow, all shall be well.
    Also, I hardly exercised at all last week (dancing doesn’t count cause it tends to be negated by the alcohol involved…) but this week I’m signed up for two spinning classes and one body pump class. So I hope to be at least back to having lost 3 stone by next Tuesday. Fingers crossed :)

Weigh-in #19:

  • Date: 8/2/2011
  • Week’s loss: 2lb
  • Current weight: 13st 13lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 43lb
  • Weight left to lose: 34lb
  • Comment: YES!!! I couldn’t stop doing happy dances all through group. In just 5 months on the plan I’ve got my 3 stone sticker. Plus I’ve got a pound buffer for this week which looks like it will be quite challenging. After weigh-in tonight, I went out for a curry for a friend’s birthday. (I was quite good: boiled rice, chicken jalfrezi and water to drink.) Then on Thursday I’m going out for dinner, drinks and clubbing with work mates. Friday night: another birthday to celebrate. Saturday night: 70s disco. There will be a lot of opportunities to fall off the slimming world wagon. I don’t plan to, but if I do I’ll get right back on and go from there. This is the best diet in the world! :-)

Weigh-in #18:

  • Date: 1/2/2011
  • Week’s loss gain: 0.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 1lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 41lb
  • Weight left to lose: 36lb
  • Comment: After my complete crash that lasted from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon (at which point I ate the last of the cupcakes I’d baked to work off frustration and had no more junk food left in the house) I was surprised to only have gained half a pound. I must admit that I did mostly just eat baked beans and fruit on Monday and Tuesday in a desperate attempt at damage limitation. It seems to have worked :-)

Weigh-in #17:

  • Date: 25/1/2011
  • Week’s loss: 2.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 0.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 41.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 35.5lb
  • Comment: I WEIGH 89 KG!!! My mind is blown! What a result! And after that weekend too! After all, there was Friday (extremely synful), Saturday (I went out again and had more cocktails, but not quite as synful as Friday) and then Sunday. For me, this diet mostly depends on the willpower I have while shopping. If I manage not to buy chocolate or only one snack sized bar of it, I’m ok. The moment I buy a value pack, that’s the next day or two screwed. That was what happened to Sunday. A packet of kinder chocolate bars and a packet of mint chocolate biscuits from Lidl. I only went to get milk. FAIL. But since I ate them all on Sunday, Monday was very good ;-) The slimming world friends that I admitted it to hate me for being able to get away with it. I’d probably hate me too…
    I think all the dancing Friday and Saturday night (especially in those shoes, dancing the night away in 4 inch heels, that’s a workout and a half!) made up for not making it to the gym all week. I’m discouraged by the fact that it’s completely jam-packed with all the idiots who’ve made a new year’s resolution to get fit. You’re not going to stick to it, so GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! Sorry. Never mind. I’ve finally managed to sign up for some more classes (they were all full before) and need to head off to bed now so I can get up in time for spinning at 7.00 tomorrow morning… What fun :-|

Weigh-in #16:

  • Date: 18/1/2011
  • Week’s loss: 2.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 3lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 39lb
  • Weight left to lose: 38lb
  • Comment: Woot! I’ve just passed the 200lb milestone. I weigh 199lb! *happy dance* I am also now just over half way to target. *more happy dancing* And two more pounds will put my weight below 90kg.
    Sorry, I like numbers. And milestones. And losing weight :-D
    I was surprised at how easy I found it to get back into the slimming world mindset this past week. I’d expected for it to continue to be a struggle as my taste buds demanded the chocolates and other treats they’d got used to over the holiday and the week after I got back. But somehow it just seemed to click and from Tuesday I was a good little slimmer. Not perfect mind you, there were two evenings where there was too much cake on offer to resist. But other than that I ate very sensibly. Woot.
    This coming week, I’ve set my sights low (I hope to lose 1lb), because on Friday we have our work new year’s party (instead of a christmas party). I’m not sure I’ll manage to save enough syns the rest of the week to make up for that. But as long as it’s fun, it’ll be worth it :-)

Weigh-in #15 (after three weeks off for Christmas & New Year):

  • Date: 11/1/2011
  • (3) Week’s loss: 3.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 5.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 36.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 40.5lb
  • Comment: Back to Slimming World after 3 weeks of Christmas, New Year, Swiss chocolates, fondue, raclette, Zuerigschnaetzlets, Bratwurst, Roesti, mince pies, Chinese, Thai curry, my aunt Debbie’s birthday cake, Burger King and the like. I failed miserably at getting back on the wagon this last week (Burger King, Chinese, birthday cake and Swiss chocolates all happened after I’d got back from holiday and was officially back on the diet), so I was dreading weigh in.
    I can’t see how I can have lost 3.5lb somewhere between 21st December and now! It’s a complete mystery.
    But it means I’ve got a new sticker!!! *happy dances*

Weigh-in #14:

  • Date: 21/12/2010
  • Week’s loss gain: 1lb
  • Current weight: 14st 9lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 33lb
  • Weight left to lose: 44lb
  • Comment: I’d decided I didn’t want to get my 2.5 stone sticker before Christmas in case I gained weight and lost the right to it (not that it works that way at Slimming World, it’s just the way my mind works). So I felt I only wanted to lose half a pound that week anyway. And then everyone started bringing Christmas goodies to work. Eventually I gave up and pronounced it ‘Christmas come early’. All things considered I was very surprised only to have gained a single pound.

Weigh-in #13:

  • Date: 14/12/2010
  • Week’s loss: 1.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 8lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 34lb
  • Weight left to lose: 43lb

Weigh-in #12:

  • Date: 7/12/2010
  • Week’s loss: 2lb
  • Current weight: 14st 9.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 32.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 44.5lb
  • Comment: Everything got quite stressful in December and I neglected updating the blog. Catching up now after the first weigh in in January.

Weigh-in #11:

  • Date: 30/11/2010
  • Week’s loss: 3.5lb
  • Current weight: 14st 11.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 30.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 46.5lb
  • Comment: Woooooot! Sooo pleased. Meant to reward myself with McDonald’s for dinner, but would have had to go back round a roundabout to get in and couldn’t be bothered. So decided to get fish’n’chips, but the chippy was closed. So I had Ainsley Harriott chili couscous which is only 1 syn for the whole lot. So the week’s off to a good start. I might actually make it to my two-and-a-half-stone sticker before Christmas :)
    Honestly, I cannot believe my weight starts with 14 stone. I weigh 94kg! It’s been years since I weighed that! Wooooot!

Weigh-in #10:

  • Date: 23/11/2010
  • Week’s loss: 0.5lb
  • Current weight: 15st 1lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 27lb
  • Weight left to lose: 50lb
  • Comment: I’m a little disappointed with myself, but still extremely pleased. I’ve been on the diet for 10 weeks now and I’ve lost weight every single week! And although this week’s loss was my smallest so far and I missed my 2 stone sticker by a pound, I can still tell that I’m slimmer than last week. On Friday after my shower at the gym I was delighted to find that for the first time I can remember, a bath towel fitted around me without gaping open even a little bit! It was definitely still gaping on Wednesday, I’ve been checking! :-)
    So I’m pleased with my continuing weight loss and hope to get my 2 stone sticker with a single pound off next week. I have to admit, I’ve just permitted myself my first kebab in at least 10 weeks (it’s a small one!) but it’s Tuesday, which means I have a whole week to work it off again… :-)

Weigh-in #9:

  • Date: 16/11/2010
  • Week’s loss: 3lb
  • Current weight: 15st 1.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 26.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 50.5lb
  • Comment: WOOOOT! I’m so pleased with that! I wasn’t expecting to have lost so much. Because I’ve become such a stickerholic I kept eating things I shouldn’t have, telling myself I only needed to lose half a pound to get my next sticker. So I was expecting to have lost no more than a pound at the very most. So woooooot!
    Of course, now I’ve got my sights set on getting my 2 stone sticker next week :-) And I’ve upped my christmas wish from 2 stone off to 2.5 stone. 8.5lb in 4 weeks is doable if I’m good :-D

Weigh-in #8:

  • Date: 9/11/2010
  • Week’s loss: 1.5lb
  • Current weight: 15st 4.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 23.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 53.5lb
  • Comment: Am quite disappointed about the half pound I’m missing for my club 10, especially since the scales showed me 15st 4.0lb and then jumped to 15st 4.5lb and settled there. That was just mean.
    Other than that I’m pleased with this week’s loss. I did have an extremely large Indian meal on Thursday (we were celebrating having achieved one of our deadlines, and the company was picking up the tab…) and a few other extra syns here and there. But I’m pretty much back on the plan and am confident that I’ll be getting my shiny club 10 sticker next week :-)

Weigh-in #7:

  • Date: 2/11/2010
  • Week’s loss: 1lb
  • Current weight: 15st 6lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 22lb
  • Weight left to lose: 55lb
  • Comment: I went to weigh-in tonight hoping not to have gained more than 2lb. While my friends were staying I stopped dieting for 4 days (and then I didn’t really get back on the diet properly the last two days either) and I decided I could live with adding a couple of pounds back on, it would be worth really enjoying myself with my friends and not having to worry about what I ate. So the group was quite surprised to see me doing my happy dance at a 1lb loss after the way I moaned about only loosing 1.5lb the week before last :-)
    Only two more pounds to my club 10!!!

Weigh-in #6:

  • Date: 26/10/2010
  • Week’s loss: 3lb
  • Current weight: 15st 7lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 21lb
  • Weight left to lose: 56lb
  • Comment: Sooooo pleased with today’s weigh-in (the trip to the gym beforehand definitely helped *g*).
    Am loving the sticker every other week rhythm, but I can’t imagine it’ll carry on for much longer. Although I only need another 3lb to get to my club 10. Won’t be next week, cause I’ve got friends staying for a long weekend and there’s no way I’ve got the will power to end a week like that with a 3lb loss. But I’m quite confident I’ll be getting that sticker in two weeks :-D

Weigh-in #5:

  • Date: 19/10/2010
  • Week’s loss: 1.5lb
  • Current weight: 15st 10lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 18lb
  • Weight left to lose: 59lb
  • Comment: When I first saw the 1.5lb on the scales, I was horribly disappointed. It’s thrown my weekly average out of whack! But actually I’m just getting greedy. I’ve lost 18lb in 5 weeks! That’s a great total! :-)

Weigh-in #4:

  • Date: 12/10/2010
  • Week’s loss: 4lb
  • Current weight: 15st 11.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 16.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 60.5lb
  • Comment: WOOOT!!! Can’t stop typing exclamation marks!
    Here’s a thought: if I were to continue to lose weight at this rate (just over 4lb a week), I’d be down to 0lb in a year’s time. Weird ;-)

Weigh-in #3:

  • Date: 5/10/2010
  • Week’s loss: 2.5lb
  • Current weight: 16st 1.5lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 12.5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 64.5lb
  • Comment: I’ve been feeling horribly bloated (period week) and had quite a bad weekend what with baking cup cakes for the single parents’ fair and not being able to resist them or the leftover icing. And then on Saturday there was the wine fair. Eeek. And a team mate brought delicious cheesecake to the match on Sunday… So I weighed in desperately hoping for a maintain. Which led to another round of happy dances when I’d actually lost 2.5lb!!! :-D

Weigh-in #2:

  • Date: 28/9/2010
  • Week’s loss: 5lb
  • Current weight: 16st 4lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 10lb
  • Weight left to lose: 67lb
  • Comment: WOOOT!!! BEST DIET EVER!!! As well as getting my half stone badge I’m slimmer of the week, which has my competitive side going “I know I’m the best and now you can all see it” :-)

Weigh-in #1:

  • Date: 21/9/2010
  • Week’s loss: 5lb
  • Current weight: 16st 9lb
  • Starting weight: 17st 0lb
  • Total weight lost: 5lb
  • Weight left to lose: 72lb
  • Comment: Happy dances all round! WOOT!!!

First evening

  • Date: 14/9/2010
  • Current weight: 17st 0.0lb
  • Weight after 10% weight loss: 15st 4lb
  • My personal target weight: 11st 7lb
  • Weight to lose: 5.5stone = 77lb
  • Comment: Two years from now (I’m not in a hurry) I am going to be SLIM!

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